The perfect fit

The perfect fit

Does the word “bespoke” scare you?

Amazingly it does scare people because they can equate it to mean expensive.  Whilst this can be true, it’s not always the case.  It’s just an oft-used word in the industry that’s had it’s use mangled over time.

In project management a bespoke thing is just a thing.  In programming we have libraries, functions, subroutines and yes the rest is bespoke code. Every server and PC is, in some way, bespoke.

As it is with technical services.  There might be similarities (and my god in some cases I wish we could have some more uniformity please!) but each client, business and site is different, and by it’s design, bespoke.

Don’t be afraid…

…as amateur copywriters the temptation is often there to plonk in words that make us sound intelligent. Bespoke is one of those!  So I’d like to apologise from all of us to you we didn’t mean to scare you, honestly!

It’s just as professionals we only know how to describe certain things a certain way. Think about it like this, if a technical service was “designed” for you that WASN’T bespoke you’d be upset, wouldn’t you?

When Aurumtech take on a new long-term client a large part of the initial process revolves around understanding the business.  It’s through this understanding that we can figure out how to help best. By it’s very nature a relationship works better for it.


Demand bespoke!

In another blog we’re going to discuss the subtle art of supplier management. But in a nutshell it’s up to you to ensure you get what you pay for.  You’ll find very few companies will be unhappy if you ask for more. And if they do perhaps a review is in order?

The lack of detail when working together can cause problems.  Too firm a set of rules and you can feel constrained.  Not enough clarity and it’s just going to get messy.

So if you want a really great relationship with a technical supplier don’t be afraid to ask for bespoke! You deserve it, and you never know you might just grow to like it!


A contract for technical services is fully bespoke and designed to give each client a certain service level that will benefit them.

They are also designed to be of the greatest benefit to the client, cost effective, considerate and above all else, to help them improve through their technology use.

We’re proud of our ethos, our work and our commitment, and as a result we want our clients to be too.