Technical Support

Just how supportive is your Technical Support provider? Do they frustrate, confound and confuse? Hard to get answers? Is it an expense you think you can live without?

IT Support is an art which is not just fixing problems. It’s about being available when needed. About being effective and avoiding repeated issued. About being organised and keeping track of your history.

“Modern” support providers offer a low price contract to get you on board. You may then find you get a fairly standard offering with bolt-ons. But just where is the value in that proposition?

The fundamental interconnectedness of all things

Many people talk of a holistic approach to something or other. But the ethos of Aurumtech Solutions is built upon working this way. Technology is one of the most prevalent things that is based in interconnectedness. So why not use it in your services?

Management is a technique that needs to be mindful of all connected things, and so (in this authors humble opinion) is support. But support is, by it’s very nature, reactive. So why offer it?

Reactive or proactive?

Reactive technical support is just that.  Something that reacts to you after something goes wrong. You’ll be in a negative place emotionally. There’s a good chance that your reaction to being told it’s not a simple fix will be worse because of it.

Being proactive reduces the emotional risk of negativity. And that’s not some new-age guff, it’s just cold facts! Wait for stuff to break / get annoyed till it’s fixed. That’s human nature.

So in being proactive we work to try to remove as many of the risks as we can. This, hopefully, lessens the overall risk of failure.  It’s not perfect, no system ever is, but over time it can reduce the need for support, and stress.


And so as a neat confluence Aumrumtech DO offer Technical Support, but not in the way you’re used to. Our support is client-focused but also driven, aware and proactive.

We think it’s great, but then this is our website! So you would expect it to say that!  But we also think you’ll think the same.

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