iPad management

iPad management

A group-wide deployment of multiple sets of Apple iPads.  This project saw us creating a series of scripts and processes that enabled remote management.

Often, in Education, the best solution is one that does not require too much complexity. An MDM (Mobile Device Management) allows remote administration which removes the time and cost of getting someone to site.

Once properly setup devices can be configured with various settings to make them easier to use.  Their appearance can be copied even down to individual icon placement.  We also configure them to copy files to local servers as well as print to network printers.

The standardisation of these settings allows a more simplistic way of working and makes things a lot more predictable which allows the teaching staff to concentrate in other areas.

Settings and applications management can be dealt with remotely.  A new app required?  An administrator can deploy the app and specify the devices it needs to appear on remotely and installation is nearly instant.

Devices are protected, updates can be triggered remotely, they can even be wiped at certain intervals as required.  None of the devices requires it’s own management account nor local intervention for any admin purpose.

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