Internet down

Internet down

Called to client site to assist in fault finding with a pair of problematic internet circuits. One in use for company network the other for local customer use.

Of the two one had an intermittent fault and one had been down for nearly two weeks.  After establishing the general site setup the fault diagnosis began. Two separate suppliers involved, one for internet, the other for network hardware.

After speaking to each, neither accepted any issues existed on their systems.   It was discovered that on one of the circuits there was a fault with the router.  After discussions with the supplier during which they initially refused to provide access details we were able to get the login information and installed a replacement router. This fixed circuit one.

Further problem identified with second network connection and specifically firewalls failing to forward traffic.  Network switches and auxiliary equipment checked and reset.  Isolating the Firewall in this instance fixed the issue.

After further testing and diagnostics the Internet supplier eventually admitted to a problem. They’d mixed up the two connections records. A fault was actually flagged on their system but they failed to alert the client of.

The network management company never did accept there was a fault with their equipment.

Issues for improvement

An ironic twist to have two Internet connections which meant that the business was not totally offline.  Unfortunately the outage was not viewed as critical.

The use of two separate providers for internet supply and hardware management. This isn’t a problem normally, but both based 100s of miles away?

Not keeping details of internet connections on site.