Our Work

This page gives some insight into the current and past projects we’ve been working on – if you’d like to know more please get in touch.


June 2018

Working for a client to improve internal security for cloud-hosted email system.  Developing several administrative steps that we can either automate or run manually to ensure their systems are absolutely covered with the best protection.  Also authoring additional security and policy documentation as requested by tender operators.

IT suite refurbishment.  A full refresh and redeployment of a small IT suite. New servers had been previously deployed and the PCs weren’t operating quite as expected.  All PCs were stripped down and reconfigured before being redeployed.  All users will now be able to log onto any PC in the suite and all will work as expected.  Also simplifying functionality, removing un-needed network resources to make sure using the network is effective.


May 2018

Lots of last minute tidying up on privacy and security policies to ensure everything is tip top with updated regulations.

Continuation of Apple iPad management project – this project is re-deploying several physical sites worth of iPads into a single cloud-based system.  It will mean that overall management can be dealt with remotely; application installs, software updates, general setting adjustments – all of these functions can now be automated remotely.  Leaving staff to just pick them up and use them.