Free Server Backup

Free Server Backup

Free Server Backup

Going to break with tradition for a moment and publish a blog post that’s not about GDPR – today I wanted to mention server file backup.

A solid backup consists of at least two things – system state or OS image and a file backup. It’s the latter to which this refers.

Visiting potential new clients over the last few months it’s become apparent that there are some providers out there that just don’t really bother to setup their servers properly at all.

During a couple of recent audits we have found businesses have been supplied a server with such a basic configuration that some extremely useful software has simply not been switched on.

One of these would be “Shadow Copies”.

Shadow copies (aka VSS/Volume Snapshot service) is something that has been included with server software for many years now, but it is an incredibly powerful tool.

A snapshot is pretty much what you’d expect it to be. A (read-only) copy of a set of files at a certain point in time, or what we in the trade refer to as version(ing).

Quickly peeking into a client server we have about 850gb of disk space in use. Any of the files within this space are covered by shadow copies, and looking at the recovery dates we have two snapshots a day (7am and midday) and can reach back to 17 August.

This is being written on 29 September, so over a months worth of bi-daily backups on ALL files.

We always supply a managed secure off-site backup for our clients, and find doing that in addition to shadow copies is generally enough to sustain a very strong recovery strategy. (Mileage may vary, some people prefer to have many many old versions of their files)

No mess, no risky USB devices, no confusing internal processes, it’s all automated and just gets on with things whilst you do the real heavy lifting.

And how to use this amazing bit of software?

You just enable it and tell it what to create copies of.

That. Simple.

Think about that for a minute and please please think twice in the future before you engage an IT “service” provider that does not set that up for you and, more importantly, TELL you about it!

Managing IT systems for corporate clients requires a ton of knowledge and unfortunately there are too many firms out there without a full understanding of how to install and maintain an effective system so when trouble hits you’re covered.

If you’re worried, want a second opinion, or just want to make sure everything is being done to protect your business technology why not drop us a line.