Equipment supply

Equipment Supply

When buying from us you get the comfort of our professional experience. We have spent many years sourcing and supplying different equipment. We think we’re rather good at it now!

If you need a high powered PC for CAD work.  If you need a secure device for backup.  You might want an all singing all dancing flight simulator chair! All you have to do is tell us just what the equipment is for and we’ll do the rest.

We only buy from companies we’ve worked with before.  We only supply equipment we’ve used before.  And whatever we recommend will be in stock and available for delivery next day.

Choosing Desktops / Laptops

Having worked with most of the major hardware suppliers we will always be impartial. Consider setting a budget, what is fit for purpose and, finally, will it do the job for which it’s intended?

A simple purchase such as an office PC can have far-reaching effects.  Too powerful is a waste, too under powered will mean precious time is lost. Too smart and you risk upsetting others. Getting the balance right is tricky, and this is where we can help.

Buying strategy / equipment ageing

You might not consider that there’s a strategy to buying but there surely is. Equipment will only work well for so long. Regular maintenance can extend this length of time. Although after a certain period equipment becomes obsolete.

With that in mind we suggest giving equipment a certain lifespan.  This achieves two main objectives. The first is to accept you will eventually replace working equipment. The second is to prepare yourself for that.  It might be hard, but this process can really help budgeting and planning for replacements.